Danh sách các trường đại học tốt nhất ở Châu Âu năm 2016-2017


Dựa vào kết quả xếp hạng các trường đại học thế giới năm 2016-2017, Cơ quan xếp hạng các trường đại học có uy tín The Times Higher Education đã đưa ra và giới thiệu Danh sách các trường đại học tốt nhất ở Châu Âu năm 2016-2017 dưới đây:

Map of Europe/Best universities in Europe


European universities take just over 40 per cent of the places in a ranking of almost 1,000 of the best universities in the world.

The Times Higher Education's World University Ranking 2016-2017 ranks 980 universities around the world, and just under 400 are universities in Europe.

A UK university takes the top spot in the overall ranking for the first time, and 90 other UK universities appear in the overall ranking.

Germany is the next most represented European country, with 41 featured institutions, many of them in the top 100 universities.

Of universities in mainland Europe, a Swiss institution – ETH Zurich – achieves the highest rank, making it into the top 10 overall and the top 5 within Europe.

The top 10 European universities include UK, Swiss, German and Swedish institutions, but UK universities take most of the spots at the very top.

Institutions were measured on their teaching environment, research environment, citations (research influence), industry income and international outlook – the World University Ranking's methodology audited independently in 2016.

While Italy boasts 39 universities in the ranking, its top-ranked institution – Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa – doesn't make it into the top 100 overall, or the top 50 in Europe.

Elsewhere in Europe, Scandinavian countries perform well, with Sweden and Finland punching above their weight relative to their population size with 11 and nine institutions respectively. Sweden’s top university – Karolinska Institute – is in the overall top 30 while Finland’s University of Helsinki makes the top 100.

Other strong performers relative to population size include Denmark (seven universities – led by Aarhus University in the top 100) and the Republic of Ireland (nine universities in total).

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